how to be a SUPER networker (with the truth of why people don’t talk to strangers…)

Few weeks ago I spoke at Business Networking Club on Networking. Since there is another networking event coming up (which I’ll be there), why not share ‘other’ networking ideas with you? Do refer to files attached for more information on the SuperNetworking night where 10 different foreign chambers of commerce will be participating.

>> Improve On Your Networking Skills!

I’ve attended many networking functions in my life. The common scene I see is a group of people from the same company standing at the corner of the room talking to each other for the entire night. I was once at a function by the American chambers of commerce. With attendance of slightly over a 100, I walked away with 75 business cards, the rest didn’t have cards or ran out of cards. How do you network?

>> Purpose Of Networking!

What is your purpose of networking? Wine and dine? Get contacts? A Sales Ninja has 3 main purposes when he networks…

One – to network, meaning to know more people for strategic reasons, either for business or personal. Two – to prospect, meaning to see if the person you are talking to needs your product or service. Three – to generate a lead/referral, meaning if the person you are talking to does not need your product or service, see if he/she knows anyone who may.

If you don’t have an outcome when you network, have one, else your networking won’t be as effective.

>> Zero 0% Rejection Rate!

How many people have ever rejected me when I network to either get contacts or do prospecting? The answer is none. How many will reject me if I cold call? I think you know the answer to that. So why not invest more resources into cultivating a strong network?

>> The Fear Of The Approach!

Why people are afraid of approaching strangers? This is called the Approach Anxiety. My experience and research on evolutionary psychology taught me something interesting – we are programmed that way primitively for survival because in the cavemen days, approaching strangers triggers great danger and therefore we don’t unless we need to join that group. According to the experts that’s why we seldom talk to strangers.

Another reason is the “Parent Scare You” reason. Remember this saying when you were a kid? “Don’t talk to strangers ok! Else they might kidnap you and kill you!” That has definitely ingrained into us – into our belief system but remember, we are adults now, therefore it’s ok to talk to strangers!

>> Quantity or Quality Networking?

There are 2 schools of networking. One school says go for quantity, get as many contacts as possible and then see which one makes more sense to invest more time. The other says go for quality, really engage yourself in the conversation – talk talk talk. I belong to the quantity school. As many as possible. Why?

You can always follow up after the event with all the contacts you’ve gathered but say you spend all your time with just 4 or 5 people, won’t you miss the chance to contact the rest of the people who may be valuable contacts as well? Go for quantity!

Note: I wrote about mindset & strategy for selling in tough times in April & May issue of SME Magazine, grab a copy. I also wrote in Malaysian Business May 1-15 issue on selling to men vs women, grab a copy too.

Meantime to more sales … with less effort! Cheers!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

// how to be a SUPER networker (with the truth of why people don’t talk to strangers…)
// By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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