How Robin Williams’ Death Instantly Affects Sales Worldwide

How Robin Williams’ Death Instantly Affects Sales Worldwide

At 63, Robin Williams was found dead at his home.

Apparently, he committed suicide. It’s sad. This news of the beloved actor shocked everyone worldwide. But, his death affected sales everywhere too. For those who did not realize it, it can be dangerous.

Here’s how…

Life Is Short, So Is Your Sales…

With just a small dose of poison, suffocation or stab, you life might easily end right in front of your eyes.

In sales, with just a small mistake, competitors sabotaging you or even accidentally offending your customer, your sales will end as well. Maybe not all, but it will definitely be affected. With customers moving over to your competitors or swearing never to deal with you again… it’s a killer.

Fragile Minds…

robin williams

Thoughts drive you to action. In Robin Williams’ case, he was most likely battling depression and eventually he couldn’t handle it.

When sales people are demotivated, it affects them. Worse still, if nothing is done, it’ll get worse and sales will be affected. A demotivated sales person’s symptoms are:

  • lack in confidence
  • fear of meeting people
  • always giving excuses
  • spreading negative auras to colleagues
  • thinking that management is crazy 
  • horrible sales performance
  • and many more…

However, a fully motivated sales person will be one of your greatest assets in your company. He will normally hit targets, encouraging the team to fight on and committed to do more and more sales. It will always be “I CAN DO IT, I WILL ACHIEVE IT!”

Most of the time, a motivated sales person will be a top performer in that company. 

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Robin Williams Affected Everyone Around Him…

His wife, Susan Schneider was totally heartbroken to hear that news. He meant a great deal in her life. With him gone, her life will definitely be affected.

Your sales results affects people around you too. If you are a top sales performer, you’ll enjoy lots of rewards like commissions and bonuses.  At the same time, you can give your family a better lifestyle, save up for any emergency, invest and even buy a better car.

What you do now affects everyone that you interact with, even yours. You need to find out what drives you to do well. Do you want to be the best provider for your family, help pay the high medical bills for your family, drive a luxury car or want to travel for holidays? If you want more money, start hitting sales targets!

Sales is simple, if your sales people is not hitting their targets, it could only be these FOUR reasons – KASM 

  • Knowledge of the products
  • Activities of the sales person – cold calls, appointments.
  • Skills of the sales person – handling objections, negotiations, etc.
  • Mindset of the sales person – how motivated is he?

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