hot lessons from NINJA SPYING situations

When I mention spying – I really mean observation with ‘sometimes without’ other people’s knowledge. When they know, I’m observing – When they don’t know, I’m spying. Which is which? Doesn’t matter: here are the situations and lessons:

>> Road To Income Tax Department…

Filing for income tax is due today. As I was coming back to office, I notice rows and rows of cars around my office area – they are honking each other, they park by the road, they jam up the road, etc. You see, my office is very near the income tax department. As I’m returning to office I realize something – these people are filing their taxes the VERY last minute, the due date. I suddenly had a thought of sales people…

…AND that inspired me to write this issue of Sales Ninja Killer Newsletter. Well writers need inspiration to write else we get what we call ‘the writer’s block’. Er….. Hm…..

Ok – writer’s block is over, I have my thoughts back – so let’s continue…

Sales people normally start their month slowly. Because they think there is a long way to go before the month ends and they still have time to get the sale in. It’s the sense of urgency and commitment that is lacking.

John Kotter, a big time Harvard professor on leadership wrote a new book – (a sense of urgency). A quote from this book says “True urgency is a gut-level determination to move and win, now.”

Psychologically I’ve learned people like to do things at the very last minute because by accomplishing the task last minute, it gives them a sense of achievement that they have conquered a tough situation and that makes them feel good.

If the ‘last minute’ or ‘later…’ syndrome is the culture of your organization or sales team, nothing gets done!

I gave a speech to a group of designers at KL design week few months back, one of key things I talked about is the DO – DOING – DONE concept.

We all have a lot of things to DO, and we are also DOING a lot of things *but* how many of those things are DONE?

A lot of people wants to DO so many things they get themselves into a situation of ‘busy-ness’ or ‘DOING-ness’ but nothing gets DONE. I strongly believe the ability to get things DONE is crucial to success. Not the number of items in the to-DO list. Not the number of items in the DOING list. But how many things in the checked off list – the DONE list.

As a leader, we ask our staffs, “Is it DONE?”, “Oh Boss, still DOING, coz I have lots of things to DO.” == sounds familiar? And this DOING-ness becomes an excuse of not getting things DONE. I think it’s all a matter of (Sales Ninja Code) commitment. (other codes: abundance, courage, contribution, duty, focus, honor, honesty, trust, improvement). A committed person have a sense of urgency in everything they do and they get things DONE.

Another quote from Kotter from his book sense of urgency “They come to work each day determined to achieve something important, and they shed irrelevant activities to move faster and smarter. Those with a sense of true urgency are the opposite of complacent—but they are not stressed-out, anxious, generating great activity without much productivity. Instead, they are moving boldly toward the future—sharply on the lookout for both hazards and opportunities that change brings.”

Lesson :::: Don’t wait for last minute to get things DONE. Commit. Commit. Commit to get things DONE immediately.

P.S: got an email few weeks back regarding ‘please edit your grammar’. I don’t edit my newsletter – I write and I send. If I’m writing to win a pulizrer… or is it Pulitzer (see I don’t use spell check too) – then I’ll edit every single word. This is not my book – which I do use a professional editor. This newsletter is my sharing, so you get … or === or :::: or >> where English teachers will spank me with their rulers. That’s just how cyber writing works. I also use smiley’s… =)

>> Next issue: what two (UNEDUCATED) men taught me about NEED CREATION… look out for it…

Note: I wrote about mindset & strategy for selling in tough times in April & May issue of SME Magazine, grab a copy. I also wrote in Malaysian Business May 1-15 issue on selling to men vs women, grab a copy too.

Meantime to more sales … with less effort! Cheers!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

// HOT lessons from NINJA SPYING situations – (observation) of my daily life…
// By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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