Happily Feeding Fish In A No Feeding Zone

Happily Feeding Fish In A No Feeding Zone

Story shared by a Sales Ninja staff: I was recently in Mines Shopping Mall over the weekend and I took my daughter to see the huge catfishes in the river that flows through the mall. When I was there and my daughter was happily looking at the fishes, I noticed that there were lots of people feeding the fish bread and the surprisingly thing was, they were standing next to the ‘No Feeding Fish’ Sign.

Why would people do that? It’s weird that people would do it without any sense of guilt and what would they get out of it? I thought that there could be a few reasons why they would blatantly disobey it.

Why People Feed Fish In A No Feeding Zone

1. They Can’t Read

One probable reason why they would feed fish in front of a No Feeding sign was because they didn’t know what the sign says. They just can’t read it and as a result, they don’t understand. A salesperson need to read signs, especially buying signals. Sometimes the buyer is ready to buy but the sales person is still blabbering about testimonials and benefits after benefits. What they need to do is go for the close when they see the sign!

2. Competitors Are Using You

Here’s a funny thought. I wondered if the management are cunningly using the people. They put a No Feeding sign knowing that people have the tendency to disobey law and would do just the opposite. As a result, the management can reduce their expenses in fish food because people are doing it with their own money. In sales, are you a victim of your competitors? Are your competitors using you for their benefits? It’s definitely something to think about…

3. They Are Passionate

When someone is passionate about something, they will do it regardless of the cost. Even when people say it is impossible, they would do it no matter what it takes. Having passion in your work is very important and having passion in sales will make you a great sales person. But passion itself is not enough, you need product knowledge, sales activity and of course sales skills. Click here to improve your sales skillsets.

4. Not Enforced

Management put up the sign but no action is taken when people disobey it. As authority figures, you can not take things for granted. Sales managers can not always leave things to the sales people ‘hoping’ that sales target are met. While some sales people are self driven and are able to hit their sales targets consistently, some just can’t. A leader must drive change and to do that effectively, here’s how leaders drive change.

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