Hanzo’s Confession!

I have a confession to make… Although i love the internet, i have not been spending enough time and effort on facebook. I typically only log into facebook once a week. I know i know, that’s like 10 years for some of you.

I was talking to my wife about this issue and she gave me a very good idea. She suggested why not i log in everyday and just post something on my facebook wall – could be an article i am writing about, a company that i am training, a company that i am exploring to train, something that hits me, what ever that is useful. That way, people in my facebook account can get updated with what’s happening with me. I totally agree with that.

In today’s world, some people prefer reading emails, some prefer rss feeds, some read direct from blogs, some through facebook and some prefer instant messengers. In Sales Ninja philosophy, we have a concept called multiple attacks! That’s means we must reach our target customers through multiple channels. I’m very good at this in the offline world and currently doing my bit online. And that’s my confession. So next year 2010, my strategy is more time and effort online to reach more people.

What? I’ve just disclosed my corporate strategy to the mass? Ok, more time and effort online is just pure common sense. I know many people don’t even have blogs and don’t even know how to use one. So i’m ‘kinda’ a little ahead. But anyway, i’m already doing about 2 to 3 post a week on my blog, so that’s pretty ok. On twitter? More time and effort on that as well. I think facebook should be the key because of it’s large number of network. So right now, i’m going over to facebook and post a link to this post! Hey, that’s leverage! And then i’m going over to twitter to post a link back here. One post, 3 places, can’t be that hard to do this everyday right?

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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