Ways To Follow Up.

Ways To Follow Up.

I’ll let you in on a secret! Following up is the key ingredient to close a sales.

It’s important because the duration from the initial meeting to closing a sales takes more than just 5 minutes. Some can reach up to 6 months! The reason can be a range of, they show interest now but do not have the funds to purchase it, or simple the management process. So following up can be really important to any sales business opportunity.

Follow ups are really important and effective. It also have the ability to change the prospect’s mind.

There are many ways that you can follow-up and if your CRM system is mobile app ready, you can just follow up with them anywhere and everywhere.

Let me tell you where you can follow-up with your prospects.

Before the food arrives.


In the toilet doing a number 2.


Before a meeting with another client.


When you thought about them.


When you are going to engage with their competitors.


When you are around the neighborhood.


So use your free time and do some follow ups.

What to include in those text messages, Whatsapp or even emails is to add value in those text messages. Don’t just write random things like “Hey, how is it going? have you went through that deal with your MD?” Instead add a little more.

Want to find out what to include in your text when you follow up?

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