Everyone Should Thank The World Cup For These Hidden Lessons

Everyone Should Thank The World Cup For These Hidden Lessons

We’re in the middle of the World Cup and the whole world is watching it… well almost.

It’s the time where your love for your country can be expressed through the matches and where football players can finally show what they have tirelessly practiced months before the World Cup.

So, other than waking up in the middle of the night to watch some of the games and thanking them for the newly developed dark rings under your eyes, here are some life changing lessons you must never forget from the World Cup.

They All Want To Be #1

Every team would naturally play to win. There can be only one winner, so they have to fight hard for it. We are all focused on the teams that qualify but unfortunately, teams that do not qualify into the World Cup matches are not even mentioned… they are conveniently forgotten. In sales, if you are not a top performer, you’ll be forgotten and no one will remember you. It means you are not good enough or you did not work hard enough. To be the best, it’s not an easy journey.

Mastering Techniques

Every football player needs to know techniques on how to dribble, run with the ball, kick the ball and etc. You may be a fast runner but if you do not have these skills, you won’t be the best player. As a sales person, if you are only good at one only area like building rapport and making friends but you lack in handling objections, negotiation or even closing, you won’t be the best.

In football, being stubborn and not willing to learn new skills is going to be the end of your professional career. Which football team wants a fast runner who does not even know how to handle a ball? Sales is the same, you need to know the whole sales cycle and learn the techniques to close a sale before you can get the title of Top Sales Performer! More information on MASTERING the whole sales cycle here.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Knowing the techniques without practice is useless. A guy could learn superb techniques to dribble a ball in Youtube but if he does not go out to the field to practice, it’ll be useless. World class football players spend many hours of practice a week because they know how important practice is. Practice allows them to make mistakes, learn from it and aim for perfection.

In sales, if you do not practice your pitch, tacking objections or even making cold calls, you’ll be losing out to those sales people who practice. Yes, it is natural to make tons of mistakes, stammer or even offend the clients at first. But it’s okay, learn from it and avoid making the same mistakes again. Ask any professional football player if practice is important. You’ll get a definite YES! Likewise, why should sales be different?

Knocked Down But Don’t Stay Down

In every match, there will be scenes when a player is pushed down, accidentally kicked (or intentionally) or even bitten. It hurts and they could easily ask for a stretcher to carry them out to rest. But, most players stand up and continue playing. Why? It’s because they have a greater goal- To Win! 

You may get knocked down in sales like getting harsh rejections, buyers slamming tables, forced to give ridiculous discounts and many other painful encounters in sales especially with inhuman prospects. But what’s your goal? If you are in sales to be #1 and to make money, then get up and sell until your prospects buy.

The World Cup is coming to an end soon, and it might be the end for your sales too if your sales team does not desire to be the best. Are they not motivated in sales? Are they reluctant to leave their comfort zone? We have successfully transformed dying sales team to breakthrough fears, mental barriers, negativity and excuses to become FEARLESS Warriors through our Sales Ninja WARRIOR Program. Find out more on Sales Ninja WARRIOR here.

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