Everyone Did Not Realize This When Watching The Thomas Cup

Everyone Did Not Realize This When Watching The Thomas Cup

I was watching the Thomas Cup Finals between Malaysia and Japan last night.

Like many people, the intense feeling during the game was very REAL and the fear of losing was frustrating. Some were probably getting a heart attack watching it. Many were jumping all over the hall, screaming their lungs out, and even woke up the whole neighborhood when we scored a point.

But, not everyone realized this lesson…What happened during the entire game reflects who we are. 

When The Opponent Was Leading

The most intense part of the game to me was the final match. It was obvious that the Japanese opponent was more skilled than our player. As a result, we lost the first round.

Every Malaysian lost hope.

We realized that there was no chance of beating the opponent and was furious to see our player making mistakes after mistakes. Probably even the player realized the same. He got demotivated and was fearful. 

But the second round, he came back with force! He got his motivation from his coach during the break and he came back with a ” I CAN DO IT!” spirit and won that round!

In sales, when you are losing out to your competitions where customers are buying from your competitors instead, it is normal to be fearful and demotivated. But staying that way will allow competitors to eat you up even more.

In the next round, will you come back a winner or still a loser? 

Sales Ninja WARRIOR has been proven to transform mindsets of sales people to breakthrough fears, overcome obstacles, throw away bad habits and more! Your sales team will exit the training with this “I AM A WARRIOR, I CAN DO IT. I WILL ACHIEVE IT!” If you want to break your bad streak and finally want to hit your sales target, you need Sales Ninja WARRIOR. Get more details of Sales Ninja WARRIOR here.

Opponent Was Very Skilful

Again, in the final match, it was clear that that winning against the more skillful Japanese player was going to be a big challenge because he was more skilled.

A more skilled player has been trained to use techniques and tricks that can easily defeat an untrained player.

In sales, skills are important as well.

How many times have you lost a negotiation because the buyer asked for so much discounts, you are practically selling at cost price? The pressure that buyers give you is just crazy. An untrained sales person will be terrified and will end up calling the managers to give the discount. The result, you lose profits!  Sellers who give in to price war will end up feeling horrible when they sell at such a low price.

Sales Ninja never believes in price war. It eats up profits and makes the deal sour. We use effective and practical tactics that will give you higher profits by avoiding discounts.  If you want to master the art of negotiation and get higher profits, find out more about Sales Ninja TACTICS here.

Sometimes, deals are lost because sales people don’t know how to handle objections.

“Why should I buy yours when your price is higher than your competitor when both are almost the same product?”

Often, sales people go “Errr… Ah…Ummm” and end up losing that sale because they don’t know what to answer. When sales people can handle objections, it reflects on their skills. We say that objections is an opportunity for us to provide more information. Learn how to handle objections effectively in Sales Ninja MASTER.

Leading Your Team

As a badminton coach, when your player is getting slaughtered in a match, your goal is to motivate him and guide him to outsmart the opponent and to believe in himself.

Are you doing that for your sales team? Most sales managers do that… initially. But when sales target is still not being achieved, they give up on their sales team or end up using threats and fear tactics.


In Sales Ninja SHOGUN, we train sales leaders to effectively lead their sales warriors into battle and motivate them when things go tough and reward them when they do well. A sales leader needs to be more than just giving instructions. They must learn to lead by example and to bring their sales team to their potential. You will learn how to get respect from your sales team and make them want to go out and fight hard for their company! Find out more on Sales Ninja SHOGUN here!

In the Thomas Cup finals, everyone wanted their team to win. They get excited when their team gain points and get extremely worried when the opponent was gaining. We celebrate victories and feel depressed when losing. Everyone wanted to be a winner. Inside you, you realize that getting first place was all that matters. Being second does not count.

Why is your sales any different? Being first is all that matters. Celebrate when you hit your target and feel depressed when competitors beat you. Everyone wants to be a winner and if you can get this attitude right in your sales performance, you will be number one!

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