Elderly Sales Manager Handles Objection Like A Bozo

Elderly Sales Manager Handles Objection Like A Bozo

True story that happened to Kevan the Marketing Shinobi of Sales Ninja. Here’s how the story started.

My wife and I were invited to a free consultation by a well known hotel (in Malaysia) which was promoting their wellness center. We were greeted by a young sales person who said that he was going to take us for a tour around their facilities. It was a very brief one as he took us around and barely explained much.

Then we finally sat down and he started explained the whole structure of their promotion. It sounded good and at the end of it, we asked him to give us about 10 minutes for us to discuss about it. So when he came back, we decided that although the plan was very attractive, it’s not what we are looking for at the moment. He tried to probe so we mention that it’s not something that we need for now.

The sales person finally accepted and said

“Thanks for your time. I will be calling my manager who will get a feedback from you to see how well I did and whether I explained the products properly. It will only take 5 minutes”

We agreed.

So that’s when the elderly manager came. He came and instead of asking for our feedback, he asked

“So why don’t you want to take the package? It’s a really good offer”

“Yes, I agree, but it’s not something we want at the moment”

“I see. You don’t take health seriously?’

I was offended. “Of course we care about our health. We just have no need to sign up for this package for now”

Finally, we did not sign up for the package and left.

The hotel and the wellness package was very impressive. Unfortunately, the sales person and manager were bozos in selling. What did they do wrong?

4 Things Why The Manager And Sales Person Were Bozos

1.Sales Person Judged

I suspected that the reason the sales person took us around the facilities and did not explain much was because he thought that we were young and most likely won’t buy the package. So he just made it brief and want to move on to the next customer. Never judge a customer. It may be true that sometimes your products may not be suitable for the person. But, if your products are fantastic, he may give you referrals and he may be a future customer.

2.Can’t Handle Objections

The elderly sales manager didn’t handle our objections well. When we said we were not interested, he proceeded by asking “You don’t take health seriously?” is a definite No-No. Objections are not meant to be handled this way. In Sales Ninja, one effective method of objection handling is the AHA technique. Objection handling training details here


A professional sales person will avoid being insensitive and will not insult their prospect. An untrained sales person who can’t control their emotions or handle objections will result to being defensive, angry, sarcastic and insulting. In Sales Ninja, we take objections as opportunities to give more information.

4. Lie

The sales person mentioned that the manager was going to get a feedback from us. While the manager was here, there was no mention of the feedback at all. Although it may seem like a technique to push the sale by getting the manager to talk to us, but it makes them look like liars. As a prospect, when I detect that the sales person is lying, I’ll find it hard to trust them and the lying will result in giving the company a bad image.

Quick Summary

Regardless of seniority or age, your sales skills will not improve over time if you do not do anything about it. If you want to be a the best sales person, you need to constantly learn and train yourself. A sales manager can not expect their sales team to hit their targets if they themselves do not know how to handle customers. This is why leadership is so important to ensure that the team knows what they are doing. Without a trained leader, the team is weak. Find out about our leadership training here.


Kevan Phua is Sales Ninja’s Marketing Shinobi who specializes in online marketing and generating inbounds. He loves reading, spending time with his wife, daughter and definitely his car. Recently, he has been in the online shopping craze and he’s looking to buy a new cupboard to store all his new clothes.

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