Effective Ways To Get Buyers To Like You

If you are a salesperson or a seller, you need to know this.

Do you realise that for most of the times, buyers tend to buy from people they like or have rapport with? There are cases where there are 2 similar products sold by 2 different sales person, buyers will buy from the sales person that they like. There are even cases where the inferior product was bought by the buyer just because they like the seller and trust him more compared to the other sales person who looks gloomy and is unfriendly.

So, it is important to know that you should get buyers to like you

But how?

The basic methods to get buyers to like you are of course, smiling, have an open posture, building rapport and many more!

But did you know that there are subconscious methods that can make buyers like you as well?

Its called Matching and Mirroring. And It works!

Think back and imagine being in a fancy restaurant that you have been before. Have you noticed couples dining together? For most times, I am sure that you can identify which ones are new couples, married couples or even couples having an argument!

Now, let us take the new couples as example. By observing their behavior, people who like each other tend to sync up; their behaviors will begin to mirror each other’s. Let me give you an example, one women takes a sip of water and seconds later, her date takes one as well! Sound familiar right?

This behavior is unconscious and a natural reaction. The best thing is most people do not realise that they are even doing it! Needless to say, although they do not consciously process this connection, you can be sure they are aware of it, although quite without any mindful understanding.

So, knowing that people who like each other tend to sync up, there is a simple way to simulate this exact experience

Match your whole body position to your prospect’s. If he folds his arms in his lap, follow suit. But, DO NOT be completely obvious about it. The last thing that you want is for him to feel UNCOMFORTABLE. Wait a few seconds before adjusting your position. That’s one way to get buyers to like you.

Next,  follow any consistent behavioral shrugs, gestures, head nods or other shifts in your prospect’s behavior. If your prospect is the type of person who tends to make sweeping gestures with his hands when he talks, do the same.

To get buyers to like you, learn to match and mirror their voice patterns. Do your buyers speak fast or slowly? If they are loud and fast speakers, they are probably quick thinkers and have the tendency to “think it loud”, speaking before they have completely thought out an idea. Whereas, buyers who are slow and calm speakers are great analyzers who analyze every detail before choosing to speak.

So, if you were to talk loud and fast to those slow talkers, they will probably go nuts! Likewise, if you talk slow to a quick thinker, they might fall asleep before you even finish your sentence.

These are subtle yet effective ways to get buyers to like you. It attacks the buyers subconscious and transform them to look at you more positively. Remember that buyers who like you will have a higher chance of buying from you.

Learn these techniques and you will realise that you will have more sales with less effort.

-Sales Ninja

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