Door Stops Sales Rep From Entering!

Just got back from Penang few days ago training a group of real estate agency owners. Coming back from lunch i saw a guy pushing the door to open it so he can enter the training room. But the door didn’t open. I approached him and asked “want to enter the room?” He replied with… “Yea, but it is locked.” I (pulled) the door to open it and… it opened.

So many times sales people try one way of doing things and then give up saying – it didn’t work.

If one way didn’t work, do another thing. Keep trying until you find something that works! When i was a sales executive, i left a timeshare company to join an advertising company selling advertising space in magazines. Timeshare is a B2C product, advertisement is a B2B product. A lot of things that i mastered at B2C products didn’t apply to B2B products, i had to go out there and test different ways of selling until i find the best approaches i can find. It took me 30 days straight with different prospects everyday to find the best selling strategy, tactics and techniques in that company. Results? In my second month, i was the top sales person whose sales even exceeded 4 of the sales managers’.

Keep testing – Keep changing – Keep innovating!

Persist Until You Succeed!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

Hanzo Ng is Sales Ninja Grandmaster, lingo for Chief Trainer of Sales Ninja Training, Asia’s #1 Unconventional Sales Training. Sales Ninja Training specializes in helping small-medium, listed and global companies transform their sales people into the ultimate sales professional known as Sales Ninja. For more information on our sales, motivation and leadership trainings, visit our website.

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