Do You Care Or Do You Want Cash?

Do you really care what challenges your buyers are having OR do you just want to close the sale to get their cash? Focus on buyer’s need, find their pain points, discover their problems – these are common phrases we throw around in our sales offices, my question has always been, are sales people really buyer focused? Easier said than done?

Sales people have target to meet, quotas to fulfill, living expenses to cover, are we as humans self centred or other centred? When it comes to survival – people will focus on themselves. So sales people pressure the buyers to buy. A buyer focused sales professional suddenly end up being seller focused again.

And that is why i always teach the philosophy of the 3 real roles of selling. It’s not to meet targets, it’s not to get more recognition, it’s not for increasing income, it’s all about solving buyer’s problem, preventing their problems from occuring/happening and improving their current situation. Regardless of the circumstances the sales rep is in, those are the 3 mindsets he/she must live by.

This is the true test of a sales person versus a Sales Ninja! Which are you?

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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