do STONES have power?

Would you believe me if i tell you that I have this magical stone that if you buy and wear it – your luck will change, your life will change, your financial status will change, your relationship will change? Don’t believe it, believe this gentlemen, John was in a big mess, but he bought this stone, the big one, wore it, and *poof*, his business picked up. Tonnes of people are giving him business. He is suddenly magnetized to money. He changed his car and his house. He is now RICH!

Question: Do Stones Really Have The Power To Transform Your Life?

I say – NOTHING has power – except when you give it power! Do not get trapped into thinking external things can change your life. The ONE thing we all need to give power is ourselves. We can achieve. We can persist. We can succeed. It’s us! It’s our mindset! It’s our environment! It’s our beliefs! It’s our actions! It’s our strategies! It’s our skills. – All these will determine our success, not stones, not fountains, not amulets. I’m fine if you buy them for decorative or fashion purposes – but life changing? I don’t buy into it.

Our mind has power.
Our knowledge has power.
Our skills have power.
Bottomline – We have power!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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