Common Retail Prospecting Technique That Always Fail – Sales Training Malaysia

Common Retail Prospecting Technique That Always Fail – Sales Training Malaysia


Have you been to the Sunway Pyramid’s Digital Centre recently? If you have, you would have noticed that every sales person would do their prospecting the same way:


You’d practically hear this from every shop you pass by. Sometimes after hearing it more than three times, it gets quite annoying. The question is why are they all doing it? Is it a norm for digital retail shops?

Come to think of it, you’d get this ‘greeting’ from other retail shops too. It is not unusual that when you enter a retail clothes shop, a promoter will stand beside you and go


or they might just stand beside you quietly and when you walk around the shop, she’ll continue following you like a stalker. I’m not sure about you, but it makes me feel uneasy. Most of the time, I’d walk out before going through the whole shop.

What could have been done?

Prospecting skills

Asking “Yessss???” every time just so common and annoying. This is not prospecting. You are just annoying the customers away.

The aim of prospecting is to reach out to potential buyers and finding needs, not discouraging them from coming to your shop. For retail shops, there are many ways to engage customers like:

– Starting an unconventional greeting that will stop customers from walking pass your store

– Asking the correct questions to know what the customer needs so you can sell something that he needs

– Getting the customer’s contact for future follow ups

Many retail shops make the mistake of not getting customer’s contact details. Remember that your customer database is where your money is. Without follow up and only depending on customers walking into your shop is going to kill you.

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Handling objections

You will definitely be getting lots of objections from your customers like

“So expensive!”

“Your brand is not as good as Brand X right?”

“I’ve never heard of your brand before”

If you have been getting these objections before, don’t be discouraged. Customers tend to do that a lot because they want to make sure that they are paying for something that is worth their hard earned money.

Objections can be turned into opportunities. When a customer throws you an objection, you can start by Acknowledging the objection, Handle it and then Ask the customer another question. That’s the AHA method among many other objection handling techniques that we train. Through the AHA method, you will be able to convince the customer on why they should buy from you instead.

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Build rapport

Sales people at retail shop rarely use this technique. Building rapport is very important to get customers to like you and to make them feel comfortable. Greeting customers with “Yessss??” definitely does not build rapport. Being a stalker is a No-No too.

There are many ways to build rapport, it can be through words, your actions and your energy. When customers like you and feel comfortable with you, they will be more opened to share their thoughts and needs with you. That’s how you can provide the best solution for them and eventually translate into a sale.

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A retail store that waits for customers to walk in and ends up shooing them away because of wrong prospecting methods will just kill sales.

If every shop around you greets people with the standard “Yesss???”, why don’t you try something different that can stop customers from walking past your store and leading them into your shop.

Objections will arise. How you handle it to your advantage will make or break your sale. With proper techniques, you can transform the objection to a opportunity.

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