Cold Calling Art

Cold calling is when you call a customer who may or may not have heard of you or your company before and promote your products. Do you tremble before you start dialing that number? Most people do. Another problem is, when the customer answers your call, you start to stammer and freeze when customer says he is not interested.Do you end the call or do you ask more? But if you ask more, he might just slam the phone. Cold calling is an art where Sales Ninja has develop effective and proven methods to be an expert in cold calling.

If the first thing you say when you speak to your customer is ” Hi Mr Lee, I am Ho from XYZ, are you convenient to talk?” Mr. Lee replies “No”. Would you say “Oh, Ok, I’ll call back another time” and you end the call.  From this, you realize that you did not manage to get to promote your product, you did not manage to get information and you did not get the chance to set an appointment. You have just wasted 5 minutes of your time and had nothing.

People who are not properly trained in the art of cold calling will not enjoy this and will eventually lose motivation and sales will not happen. Customers evaluate you from how you speak over the phone because they cannot see you. They judge you from the way you sound, the way you speak and what you sell.

Sales Ninja’s Cold Calling Art teachings you to breakdown cold calling into 5 parts

  1. Greeting. This is where you greet your customers and build rapport. If your customer doesn’t like it, he will end your call
  2. Introduction. You start introducing yourself and what you are selling. This needs to be done correct. Imagine if you start to go “erm..hmm…ahhh”, your customers will start to lose interest because you do not sound interesting.
  3. Case study. This is important to explain to your customer how your product has helped other people. This is a good convincing tool
  4. Closing. Close by offering to set an appointment, or a sale.
  5. Objection. When customers object you saying they are not interested, or saying that they will call back. You need to tackle it effectively and use this as an opportunity for further follow ups in the future

Cold calling can be fun if you know how the art. You can manipulate your customers to flow according to how you want by using the correct techniques. It may be challenging at first but if you practice and use the correct techniques, this art will allow you to ‘manipulate’ the phone conversation according to your favour and give you more sales.


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