Can’t Hear The Alarm – That’s Alarming!

RinnnnnGGGggG! The sound we are all familiar with – the wake up call in the morning. I think there are 4 types of people in regards to alarm sounds:

> First type immediately wakes up when they hear the alarm.
> Second type hears the alarm, snoozes it, and then wakes up at the next alarm.
> Third type hears the alarm, snoozes it, next alarm goes off, they snoozes it again, goes on for a few rounds, until it’s too late.
> Fourth type continues sleeping despite the alarm.

If you think of this as business, as sales, or as your life, how much does it relate to us?

Something is not going well in our business, or sales or life. Do we:

> Immediately ‘wake up’ and respond to it?
> Know something is wrong, but ignore it for a while, and then take some action?
> Sees the threat but just wait, and think, and research, until it’s too late?
> Nah! No big deal, it’s just a fad, it’s going to go away?

The 10th code of the Sales Ninja is Improvement, others being abundance, courage, commitment, contribution, duty, focus, honor, honesty and trust. Improvement is a concept, philosophy, principle that we all know but sometimes forget. I just heard Tony Fernandez’s (CEO of Airasia, one of the leading low cost airlines in Asia) speech at EO (Enterpreneuer Organization) ‘s Global Entrepreneur Congress. He mentioned most organizations don’t like to change and improve because it’s painful. It’s painful to admit that the current things you are doing is not good enough. After all, you may have done lots of things in the past, been through tremendous amount of trial and errors, continuous strategizing and restrategizing to finally figured out a winning route. Now you have to go through all those events again? Painful – but absolutely necessary.

Back to my original point, something is not working out for you, ‘wake up’ and do something about it.

Alarm: The culture is weak, ‘wake up’.
Alarm: The process has flaws, ‘wake up’.
Alarm: Competitor launched a new product, ‘wake up’.
Alarm: Just settled in a new business model, ‘wake up’.
Alarm: Staffs not in harmony, ‘wake up’.
Alarm: New technology to embrace, ‘wake up’.
Alarm: Margin shrinking, ‘wake up.
Alarm: Sales team not performing ‘wake up’.

The Alarm is ringing, so ‘wake up’ and get to work!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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