Why Electronic Manufacturers Are Selling Short

Why Electronic Manufacturers Are Selling Short

Everyone company needs sales including manufacturers. The only problem is that dealers are buying either little from your factory or they are buying just the cheaper products compared to the higher-quality ones.

It is no secret that dealers are thrifty, …


The Hardest Skill to Master for B2B Sales People

Every sales force believes that they are skilled and confident enough to conquer the market. However, they often forget that the most basic skills are the hardest to master. For B2B sales, the rockiest mountain to climb is: Prospecting.

Some …

How to Sell Value Over Price

How to Sell Value Over Price

Manufacturing electronics is a year-long and on-going process and selling them isn’t easy. However, the greatest asset to sell electronics right off the manufacturing table would be the values they bring.

When your supplier are in need of new parts, …



Companies everywhere will have a mass order of hardware for their operations and staff. You have many products and services to offer but many face the issue of clients “not having the needs”. If you notice, the companies do not …

How to Sell to Oil And Gas Companies

How to Sell to Oil And Gas Companies

Oil, gas and energy all have unlimited sales potential, but it depends on what you are selling and who you are selling it to. Some companies sell fault-tolerant control system, turbo-machinery control products or automation control software. While others sell …


The WORST Sales Leaders Ever

Before you jump on the bash wagon, there is a difference between being a bad leader, a bad manager and a bad boss. Today, we will only discuss about bad sales leaders.

It is the job of the sales leaders …


10 Tips In Selling To Oil & Gas Industries

The price of crude oil tanked from USD $100.00 to around USD $40.00 in the last few years. Many suppliers to the Oil & Gas industry has taken a hit where plants started switching to cheaper alternatives, jumping from high


A Story of Discipline

What happens when you have a system but for a single lazy moment, you absent-mindedly chose not to follow it? You can lose your IC and drive all the way back to your house to get your passport just to …


How to Unite The Team Like A Warlord

The greatest asset of any organization: a strong and motivated team! But what makes a strong team? What keeps them motivated and what keeps them from going astray?

The answer is LEADERSHIP!

A strong but firm leadership is what keeps …


How to Increase F&B Sales in Hotels & Resorts

There are 2 types of people in hotels: those who eat outside and those who eat inside. But how do you sell to those who are already dining in? They have opted to have lunch or dinner in your hotel, …