Big Mistake Of A Sales Person – Sales Prospecting Malaysia

Big Mistake Of A Sales Person – Sales Prospecting Malaysia

I was looking to get my car tinted so I researched online for good and reliable tint companies. After short listing a few brands, I went into forums to read on user reviews to know the pros and cons of each brand.

There are quite a number of merchants who post their services and products in forums also. It was so happened that when I was researching in the Lowyat forum, there was this sales guy Stephen who claims he can provide a good price on one of the brand that I shortlisted.

The reviews I read about this brand were quite good so I proceeded to SMS him.

Here’s how it went. The green box is what I typed and the  grey one is Stephen’s reply:


Did you notice anything wrong? There are a few things that needs improvement just from this conversation.

Let’s compare and see how many did you get.

What Needs Improvements From This Conversation?

Mean What You Say

From the conversation, Stephen claimed that he will text me later because he was driving. But even until the next day, he didn’t.

When you give a deadline to your prospect, you need to keep to your promise. A missed deadline can be perceived as inefficient or  untrustworthy to a prospect. There is no second chance for a first impression. In Sales Ninja, we make it our duty to send out the proposal within 24 hours after appointment.

 Attention To Prospect’s Needs

In my first text, I mentioned about being interested in a security tint and not the regular tint. His reply was”We have different range“. To me, it could mean that he has different range which includes the regular tint also. That is not a good answer. A simple good answer would have been to answer the customer’s questions like “For security tint, we have 3 ranges: Type 1,2 and 3 which costs RM1000, Rm1500 and RM2000. ”

But, that should not be the end. There is something else missing. ‘Ask’. The sentence shouldn’t end with a statement. You need to offer a second step which could be

” Let’s meet up this Saturday so I can understand your requirements. How is 11am?”

” Does this fit your budget, Mr Prospect?”

” So, Mr Prospect, which range are you interested in?”

The main thing is go get your prospect to lead your customer and finally lead them into closing the sale.

What Is Your Budget?

This is a dangerous question. Some prospect might take this as an offensive question. Be very careful when you ask this. There are other ways to probe for their budget instead of asking it directly.

Sales Technique

If you observe, Stephen was replying without using any sales technique. His answers were like an answering machine. There were so many opportunities to get information and close the sale he failed to use any of them. One of them was rapport. There was no rapport building and that is very important especially in prospecting. Clients buy from someone they like (if the products are almost similar).

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Follow Up

He failed to follow up here. Instead, I was the one who followed up with him the next day…and yet he ignored my message. This is totally a BIG fail for a sales person.

One of the most important duty of a sales person is prospecting and follow up. 

Follow up does not mean:

“Hi Mr X, how are you? So, have you decided if you want my product?”

“No.. I don’t think I’m interested”

” Oh, no problem! Thank you Mr.X. Bye!”

Many sales people will do this. This is not follow up. Sales Ninja’s follow up is highly effective because we use a good system and probing technique that is able to change a non interested prospect into a potential client. 

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Spelling Mistake

He spelled ‘different’ as ‘differenr’. Although it is a small mistake and it probably happened because he texted while driving, it is best to avoid having spelling mistakes. Why? A small spelling mistake or grammatical error can be perceived as unprofessional especially if you are carrying a premium product. The client might also subconsciously perceive your products to be substandard just because of that small spelling mistake.


Did you manage to get all of these mistakes? If you did, good! That means you know how to do it correctly.

If you did not get all of them, then it is time to analyze on your prospecting, follow up and sales technique to see if you are repeating the same mistakes without even realizing it.

A good sales technique, follow up and prospecting will help you close sales easier. On top of that, you might get referrals if clients are happy with your service and product.

In Sales Ninja, we are different. We always train our clients to be different from the other sales people out there. How? We use unconventional and psychological sales techniques that other sales people do not know.

We have helped thousands of sales people and transformed them from regular sales people to Sales Ninjas.

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Kevan Phua is Sales Ninja’s Marketing Shinobi who specializes in online marketing and generating inbounds. He loves reading, spending time with his wife, daughter and definitely his car. Recently, he has been in the online shopping craze and he’s looking to buy a new cupboard to store all his new clothes.

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