Are We Sales People Or Aliens?

Are We Sales People Or Aliens?


Sales people and aliens are very similar and there is a thin line that separates the both of them. It’s a big problem when others can’t differentiate you and this is where you need to choose a side – sales person or alien.

So, what is the difference between a sales person and an alien?

An alien is an unknown to the prospect. You may have visited the prospect once and that’s it. The prospect doesn’t remember you and if you were to call him up again after a few months, he would treat you as a stranger.

A good sales person however, is different. They are life changing. The prospect remembers you and knows what products you carry and if ever the prospect sees the brand, the first thing that pops up in his mind, is you!

If ever you fall into the alien category, it’s time to change. Change may take time but eventually with effort, time and the right techniques, you will change.

How To Stop Being An Alien?

Create A Grand Entrance

People tend to remember things that are unusual. If a typical cold call conversation goes like this:

“Hi, is this Mr. X?”


“I’m calling from Insurance Company ABC, are you…”

(Click. Call ended)

Prospect are bored to death receiving calls like this every single day. But, why are companies still using this same old techniques over and over again? Because they don’t know how to be different! Cold calls are very important and will generate lots of revenue for the company (provided if it is done correctly). For more cold calling techniques, click here

Follow Up Till They Die

It may sound over the top, but it means follow up consistently. Although this is an aggressive technique but it is a highly effective one. Prospect may sound annoyed but with a proper follow up schedule, prospect will appreciate the calls and the next time when the need arises, you will be the first person he calls!

Start A Relationship

Relationship goes a long way. If you are able to build a good relationship with your prospect, you have scored points. The trick here is to find a common interest and start building more connection with the prospect. Another good way is to meet up for drinks or meals just to catch up.

Talk Well

When an alien talks, humans don’t understand. Likewise as a sales person, make sure your prospect understands what you are talking about. You know you’ve failed when the prospect starts getting bored, distracted, ends the meeting fast and does not know what you are promoting at the end of the day.

Build a connection by probing, and get your prospect to give you critical information, and talk at a suitable pace. Don’t rush your conversation like you are in a 100m dash (do it only if you have to). A good technique is to mirror your prospect. If your prospect are slow in their conversation, follow their pace and vice-versa.

Don’t Be Offended

Aliens wage war when they are offended and threatens to destroy humanity. As a sales person, you will definitely get objections and insults every time. An untrained sales person will not be able to handle objections well and might start being on the defensive by scolding or reply with a sarcastic remark. Most sales people are not trained to handle objections so the only way to shut the prospect mouth is to result in giving more and more discounts. Sales people must not use discounts to close sales but handle each objections accordingly. By not giving in to discounts, the company get more revenue, the sales person will also get more commission. Find out how to handle objections effectively here


An alien is easy forgettable and no one trust aliens. If you think that you are an alien more than a sales person, it is not too late. Start today by being different, do effective follow ups, build relationship with your clients and sell using the right techniques.

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