Middle Management Testimonials

My selling and persuasion power has improved dramatically after applying the Sales Ninja Secrets shared by Hanzo. One of the many great breakthroughs I now have is I have been able to get appointments with EVEN the difficult prospects who said that they had been approached for the same or similar products/service. If you are in sales, imagine how learning this secret alone will help you to increase your sales and income not mentioning many other powerful secrets and Sales Ninja techniques! I highly recommend Hanzo Ng ONLY if you REALLY, REALLY want (NOT merely wish) to dramatically improve your sales results and income NOW (NOT tomorrow, next year, etc)!”
Sean Teng, Business & Training Consultant


An eye-opener about what REALLY works when influencing and selling in the field AND in the boardroom.”
Malar Ramalingam, Marketing Manager, Malaysian Today


“Sales Ninja’s ‘Positions of Power’ is an eye-opener!”
SP Soong, Account Manager, Diversified Gateway Bhd .


“Simple and easy to understand. A training sales personnel can never miss!”
Evelyn Tan, Marketing Manager, Asiatic Land Development Sdn Bhd (Asiatic Development Bhd).


“Useful and practical!”
Gary Lim, Sales & Marketing Manager, Woventex Sdn Bhd (Scientex Packaging Bhd).


“I like Sales Ninja training because we learn the sales process using unconventional way instead of the normal way. It is in-depth, detailed, fun and creative. It’s good for those who already have the skills & experience to enhance them.”
Azlan Azwan, Sales Manager, Swiss Garden.


“Very effective sales training skill & it is really different compared to other trainings!”
Jaslyn Wong, Senior Consultant, OBM Software Sdn Bhd.


“The training was something new! Hanzo is an easy going guy and I’m amazed at his knowledge, experience and teaching method! I really liked the pricing section. I will apply what I’ve learned in my daily sales job!”
Glen Chong, Asst Sales Manager, AMB Packaging Sdn Bhd.


“It was a great & practical program for my daily sales activities and it also helps increase added value to our customers. I would love to have this course again! Hanzo was very powerful as he managed to lead us to a different area/dimension. I will definitely recommend this program to my friends & colleagues. ”
Alex Chew, Sales Manager, Muda Pasifik Sdn Bhd.


“I’m amazed how the course has changed our mindset. I would also like to say, we must have this kind of fresh courses to polish our selling and communication skills.”
John Chen, Decorative Sales – Project Manager, Kansai Coatings Malaysia Sdn Bhd.


“Sales Ninja Training is a short cut to boost sales!”
Shirley Cheung, Senior Consultant, I Search WorldWide.


“The close sales game really made me break the fear of approaching people. Impressive and fun. The trainer really came out with all kind of ideas to solve our sales problems.”
Shennie, Marketing Manager, Goldern Creations Ent.


“If you want to experience a different approach of sales training and learn from experienced person like Hanzo, come to Sales Ninja training.”
Zulkiflee Selaman, Retail Insurance Manager, Mayban Fortis Holdings Bhd.


“I got to close 3 deals worth RM 10 Million within a week, and it all happened after I attended Sales Ninja training.”
Mike Wong, Customer Relationship Manager, RHB Bank.


“The ideas in Sales Ninja’s training can bring you unlimited income!”
Ong Ping Ling, Senior System and Support Engineer, CSA Malaysia Bhd.

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