Executive Testimonials

It was a fantastic program! It helped me prevent all those killer words that will kill my sale and stop my prospects from using dirty tricks on me. The program gave me a new mindset to overcome my negative thinking & helped me found a new direction. Thanks Hanzo! Kelvin Lee, Sales Executive, Muda Pasifik Sdn Bhd.

“Sales Ninja Training provided me with ideas and confidence to carry out my daily sales!” Keith Lee, Sales Executive, Advantech Control (M) Sdn Bhd.

“Sales Ninja’s training is useful in business AND life!” Harrimanshah, Sales Executive, Octopus OA Supplies.

“Sales Ninja’s training condenses years of learning, effort, and money, saving me lots of time and learning experiences!” Jacylyn Wee, Marketing Executive, Globe Success Learning Sdn Bhd.

“Sales Ninja’s training is great! It’s different from others; it’s all about yourself, your self-motivation, and what you can do to really achieve your goals!” Kenneth Toh, Independent Distributor, Nuskin Enterprises.

Practical! Fantastic! You will love it.” Jessy Goh, Business Development Executive, HK Comp Software Standards (M) Sdn Bhd.

“A good training to learn about sales, not just about selling but the concept and rationale behind it. And be amazed with the things you are going to find out, like selling can be an enjoyable & a professional career, as you may grow to like it with simple sales ninja tactics.” Kelley Soon, Consultant, D Jungle People.

“I am amazed of the selling skills taught like how to turn around the situation instead of being controlled by the buyer. Hanzo is very experienced, interesting, knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks Hanzo for the methods taught! Will definitely use it in my day to day sales activities!” Teng Choon Kiang, Sales Executive, Muda Pasifik Sdn Bhd.

“Interesting! Pretty creative. I like the part on how to tackle a difficult situation when facing a prospect. Very useful to my career!” Vicky Lee, Sales Officer, Golden State Resources Sdn Bhd.

“I’m amazed how the course has changed our mindset. I would also like to say, we must have this kind of fresh courses to polish our selling and communication skills.” John Chen, Decorative Sales – Project Manager, Kansai Coatings Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

“If you never attend Sales Ninja Training, you may lose your dream. If you want to fulfill your dream, you must attend Sales Ninja Training!” Kenny Tean, Sales Executive, DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Singapore.

Life-changing! Eye-opener! Highly recommended! The trainer gave lots of examples and shared many real-life selling experiences. Very solid ideas.” Farah, Sales Executive, Jaring.

“Excellent tips! Very unconventional and highly recommended! If i had the time, i would like to attend all other sales ninja programs.” Samsul, Senior Executive, Teras Technology.

“I am amazed with the trainer. He gave a lot of excellent tips on how to handle different situations rather than normal stuff where we learn or practise in college. Eye-opener and impressive!” Benny Lok, Sales Executive, Sun Yang Tech.

“Outstanding! Straight forward presentation, clear illustrations and role-plays. Thumbs up! Hanzo managed to relate so much to real life experiences and not just some theory!” Nurhayati Zubir, Senior Exec, SIDC.

The techniques of cold calling and networking were excellent. Has lots of modern, up-to-date, instantly doable solid ideas.” Ahmad Hambal, Business Executive, Cell Edge Sdn Bhd.

“I like the way Hanzo presents as an aggressive speaker who keeps on throwing various eye-opening ideas in an energetic way. Highly recommended and very unconventional.” Naza, Sales Division, Teras Teknologi Sdn Bhd.

“Puts theories and ‘big ideas’ into applicable, useable, and practical tactics!” Mak Tze Lin, Sales Engineer, Zenit Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

“Sales Ninja Training have useful ideas that when applied can bring about instant and rewarding results!” Francis Ho, Financial Services Consultant, AIA Singapore.

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