A Weird Thing Happened To Me Today!

Guess what? I just posted Sales Closing  Ideas (part 3) minutes ago and suddenly my phone rang. I was Sam, my buddy from childhood who i haven’t spoke to for a while. We do the normal pleasantries and here’s the weird thing:

He told me he was with Jennifer. I said Huh? Jennifer Looi? Really? I just wrote about her minutes ago! This is so weird. Napolean Hill said in Think and Grow Rich that “Thoughts Are Things”. In The Secret, they talk about Law Of Attraction. Simply put – we are what we think about.

In this instance, i got a call from someone whom i never spoke to for Years. Coincidence maybe?

What ever it is, thinking good things bring you good things is good isn’t it?

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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// A Weird Thing Happened To Me Today!
// By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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