7 Things Brazil Did Wrong And 1 Thing Germany Did Right In The World Cup Match

7 Things Brazil Did Wrong And 1 Thing Germany Did Right In The World Cup Match

It was unexpected. Who would have thought that Brazil would be mauled by Germany like this. We as spectators feel the pain and the humiliation of this defeat. But we are missing out on a very important fact.

The BIG question is, are we in danger of getting beaten down like this?

7 Things Brazil Did Wrong

1- Over Optimistic. Brazil is the host of the World Cup this year. With all the hype and having the whole nation cheering you on, it’s easy to think that you are the best and slack off. In sales, it’s not difficult to be #1. The danger comes when people start being contented and think that they will stay top forever. Bad mistake. Instead, you need to be continuously improving and learning new sales skills.

 2- No damaging attack to Germany’s defense. Their attacks were practically unnoticeable. Are your sales team even a threat to your competitors? Do they take you seriously and even realize that you exist? If not, it’s time to analyze. Are your sales person unskilled, lack product knowledge, not doing enough sales activities or are they having negative mindset? More information on mastering sales here.

3-  Too dependent on their top striker, Neymar to score goals. Unfortunately, during the Germany match, Neymar was injured and was unable to play. Is your company only relying on a few top performers to bring in sales? If you are, then you could be in a danger zone. Instead, your entire sales team should be trained to be strong and capable, not just relying on a few performers.

4- Defensive error. With just a lapse of concentration, David Luiz let Thomas Muller slip pass and score the opening goal. Sometimes a mistake can cause you to lose a sale. A sales person could be doing extremely well in selling benefits to the customer, handling all the tough objections and finally when the customer is almost ready to buy, he made a silly mistake during price negotiation. Customer gets offended and decides not to buy. Starting well does not mean you’ll end well.

5- Leaderless Brazil team. Thiago Silva (captain) was suspended. It’s highly important to have a skillful and experienced leader. A leader’s role is to control, set goals, motivate and manage the whole team to ensure that everyone is aligned and bringing results. In Sales Ninja SHOGUN we specialize in transforming sales leaders into Sales Shoguns to lead their Sales Warriors to victory! More details on Sales Ninja SHOGUN here.

6- Brazil only did well the first 10 minutes. During the first 10 minutes, the ball was in German’s half. After that, they deteriorated. Sales people have this problem also. When they perform well for the first quarter, they sometimes can’t achieve the same results in the next quarter. Why? Complacent, not willing to improve or learn new things because they have the misconception that they are the best. It’s easy to achieve, but it is not easy to maintain.

7- Brazil lost all hope after Germany scored the second goal. It is natural to feel demotivated once you’ve been losing continuously. In Brazil’s case, they did not believe that they could score 2 goals to even catch up with Germany. When sales people keep losing sales, they get demotivated. But, to be a top sales performer, you need to have the right mindset. Learning from mistakes is key. A winner will always have this mindset, “I am a WARRIOR, I can do it! I will achieve it!” That’s what our participants will get when they attend our Sales Ninja WARRIOR. More details on Sales Ninja WARRIOR here.

1 Thing Germany Did Right

1-  They are consistent and effective! Their team play like champions. However, champions aren’t born overnight. It takes lots of practice, downfalls, mistakes, pain, lessons but they don’t give up. That’s how they stay the best today! If you want your sales team to be the best, Sales Ninja can transform your under performing team to beat all your competitors.

It’s not easy to be #1. But it is very rewarding. Never settle for second best, you’ll just be like the rest. If you want to see REAL sales results, choose Sales Ninja. Contact us here.


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