5 Free Tips You Can Start Using To Get Sales Coming In Today

5 Free Tips You Can Start Using To Get Sales Coming In Today

Businesses need more sales to keep growing. There are definitely months where sales are better than others. Managers stress themselves out trying to get their sales people to bring in more sales during those low months and as a result, everyone gets demotivated.

If you are in that situation right now, here are 5 proven tips you can use almost immediately to get sales today. These are highly effective and proven tips that you can leverage on to increase sales, and they are free.

Tip 1: Prospecting and Follow Up

Get your sales team to start picking up the phone and call. Without prospecting and following up on old prospects, you won’t get sale. This is common sense but yet many sales people are reluctant to do it. Get a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to manage your customers. If you are on a budget, you can even use Excel to do it. That’s how you can schedule your follow ups and track your conversation history with your prospects.

Tip 2: Explain your benefits more

When customers ask about products, most sales people will say “This item is very good!” “The Quality is fantastic!”. These are common statements but to a customer, it doesn’t mean a thing. It most likely is good, but WHY is it good?

Train your sales people to explain the benefits more like “This product is fully imported from Japan and is purely hand made“, “Our cleaning service is so efficient that we can clean 30% faster than our competitors”  This way, customers can relate and they can understand your benefits better.

Tip 3: Sell case studies

Case studies has the power to close lots of sales. Use case studies whenever your sales people pitch to new prospects or when following up. People are more easily convinced when they hear about successful case studies. Latest case studies are even more powerful. Start gathering all your success stories and get your sales people to use at least one case study for every call or every appointment starting today.

Tip 4: Don’t give in to buyer’s discount pressures

Buyers are famous for asking for huge discounts. Sellers are on the other hand get stressed out and reluctantly give discounts just to close sales. Buyers know this, so they threaten to buy from competitors if the seller can’t meet their price.

The only way for your sales people to prevent giving huge discounts is to avoid the price war all together. Use case studies and sell the effectiveness of your products that other competitors are not able to provide. Your goal is to make the buyer realize that they are paying for something that WORKS and fits into their needs! Sales Ninja TACTICS can train your sales people into the Ultimate Negotiator.

Tip 5: Create a short goal for your team

Here’s a fun one. Plan a short sales goal for your sales team. If they hit their sales target by end of the month, take them for a nice meal, a group outing or extra cash reward. But if they do not, everyone needs to do 100x pumping or run 10x around the office block. These short goals will get the team excited. When sales people are motivated, they push themselves harder to bring in more sales.

These are simple tips that you can use immediately starting today. Get your sales people to use these techniques and watch your sales grow. To know how to effectively use these sales techniques, it requires experience and training. If you seriously want your sales people to start bringing in more sales, it’s time to build up your team in terms of mindset, skillsets, product knowledge and sales activities.

Sales Ninja is a specialist in sales training. We have trained hundreds of MNC and SMEs across Asia and have successfully turned around struggling and stagnant sales teams into fighting warriors. If your sales people are not hitting their targets, not motivated, not making enough calls, it’s time to make some changes. By choosing Sales Ninja, you will see changes. Contact us today.

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