Are they in your office?

Are they in your office?

Incompetency of your sales manager has reached to the ears of your competitors and they are rejoicing. This means that your sales results is about to pummel! How are sales and leadership related?

When you have an incompetent sales manager, that means your sales staff would likely to follow its bad example.

Are your sales manager doing these 5 no-nos?

They only give good accounts to their favorite employee.


They show favoritism to the sales staff that rubs them the right way. It could be based on sales performance or even because they are friends.

They give easy accounts to the ones the like and the give difficult accounts to the ones that they don’t. There is no balance, so some sales staff get swamped with work or either they did not perform well no matter how much activities they shown.

They are lazy which causes the team to be lazy too.


This is a classic case of monkey see, monkey do. As a manager, they lead by example. When your sales staff sees your sales manager being complacent and lazy, they follow the manager actions.

Barking orders instead of leading them.


They just constantly order their sales team around, without lifting a finger. It can be from forcing them to make calls while your sales manager plays on his/her phone, to even, not understanding the personality of different staff and scolds them for making a mistake, when they didn’t lead at all.

Newly promote therefore unsure how to lead a sales team.


Some sales manager are unsure what to do. They do not understand the sales structures and outlines. This is bad as it can effect the dynamic of the team and it will create tension.

When there is tension in the sales team, no one will have the time to make sales. They will be busy running the politics around the office and then your sales target drops.

Selfish : Only meet their sales target & neglect the sales team.


In every organization, there are individual and company sales target to meet . An incompetent sales manager will only be focusing on his/her sales and once they reach the limit, they stop and chill instead of helping or guiding their team members from succeeding!

And that ladies & gentleman are a few reasons why your sales target is not met! Countless of factors can be involved but the biggest factor would definitely be the one that lead the sales team!
Are you facing a similar situation as the above?

Send them to a Sales Leadership Training that will transform the way on how they look at themselves as a leader and will spiral up together with the team to reach great sales results.

It always starts with that one leader that can motivate, guide & lead the sales team!



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