4 Beliefs Of The Sales Ninja Philosophy

4 Beliefs Of The Sales Ninja Philosophy

Sales is like a flower. Yes, a flower can be pretty and certainly could smell nice. But, more importantly, just like a flower, there are many parts to it.

The roots are the strong foundation that anchors the plant and the beautiful petals are the finishing touch that completes the plant.

Like the roots, the Sales Ninja Philosophy is the core of the art and the petals are the finishing touches are like the specific tactics that can be used to close deals.  When the flower is cut, and the roots remain, given time, a new flower will bloom just as strong as the previous flower. However, a flower that has its roots removed will not survive and will eventually wither and die.

Without the philosophy, the strategies and tactics mean nothing” – Sales Ninja.

There are many cases of millionaires who have lost it all and eventually bounce back and gaining millions or more! Donald trump is a classic example of a billionaire who went through this. This is because he has the right philosophy instead of using cheap tricks! Instead, their actions were backed up with the RIGHT PHILOSOPHY and were able to bounce back.

Here are the 4 beliefs that combine to create the Sales Ninja Philosophy

  1. Impermanence

The Sales Ninja knows that no matter how bad or how good the current situation is, IT WILL CHANGE. You cannot count on things to stay the way they are. Remember, the only constant in life is change.

  1. Persistence

In the test for the Ninjutsu black belt, I had to fight six ninjas all at once! Not only did I manage to defeat them, but this has taught me several things.

First, I had no choice but to keep on fighting. No matter what the circumstances, I can not give up!

Second, I have to keep on moving and maneuver around my opponents. I learnt that a ninja must work with outside forces (in this case, the body movements of my six opponents) rather than against them. Similarly,  a Sales  Ninja need to skirt around them or even using them to his advantage

I also found out that my quick reactions were the result of my intense training. If you train well, you fight well. Therefore, always try to better yourself and be prepared before a complicated situation occurs.

A Sales Ninja knows how to take a hit and get back up and keep on fighting. Do not let one negative event deter you from your course. Things always change, and keep on trying again and again.

  1. Don’t take it personally

Sometimes, there is nothing you could have done to change a situation. Do not blame yourself.

More importantly, do not create a negative image of yourself and your mistakes. Never say ” I always fail”Remember that no one always fail; it is situational.

Thinking in such a negative way will put you in a negative loop, preventing any positive growth.Maintain a calm composure and quickly reassure yourself that there are valuable life time lessons to be learnt from every failure

  1. Positive Identity

The Sales Ninja always believes in his own power, no matter the circumstances.
Do not identify yourself as a failure due to one, two or more setbacks. Realize that just because you did something that did not work, it does not make you a failure.
Instead, the crucial information you need is to evaluate where you went wrong and do better the next time. It will pass.
Say to yourself ” I am a winner”, ” I am a champion” or any other positive identity that suits you
The more you remind yourself, the easier you embody them. Use it positively.


A Sales Ninja who uses the 4 beliefs of the Sales Ninja Philosophy is unbeatable, and confident in any situation thrown to him. He who wish to use the Sales Ninja Philosophy has to put it into practice. Head knowledge will not get you anywhere. Soon it will be forgotten.

Stop and evaluate yourself and apply the 4 steps right now. If you think that you have failed in one area, reflect and evaluate on the mistakes and write down the lessons you have learnt. Keep a journal and record your victories and failures.

Always remember that failures do not make you a failure

It will pass.

-Sales Ninja



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