2 Wheel Luggage vs 4 Wheel Luggage!

After finishing my sushi dinner at Sakae sushi, my wife wanted to buy some shoes. As I was waiting, from my far right walking towards my area was a family of 4. One of them was pulling a luggage – a new luggage. Guess they are doing some travelling. Anyway, they came passing from my right to my left side. I turned my head to my left and saw something amazing. The girl was pulling the luggage as a 2 wheel luggage but the luggage is actually a 4 wheel luggage. I was thinking, why would she do that?

Hm… Whatever her reason is, I think it’s a lot like learning a new idea or skill in my sales trainings. I’ve trained thousands of sales professionals across Asia. They have gotten lots of sales ideas and best practices. Sometimes I do sales coaching to my participants because that’s the best way to reinforce the learnings from the trainings. In the coaching sessions, a lot of sales people are using their old way of selling (2 wheel luggage) rather than selling the advanced way (4 wheel luggage).

World of selling has evolved though fundamentals remain. You can still get the job done with a 2 wheel but if your luggage if full and after pulling the 2 wheel way for a while your hands are guaranteed to hurt. If your luggage is full and you are pulling/pushing the 4 wheel way, you have leverage and you can do it with ease. Which way do you prefer? Old way of selling that hurts your sales or new way that helps your sales?

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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4 thoughts on “2 Wheel Luggage vs 4 Wheel Luggage!

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